Business Requirements Specification

Creating the Business Requirements Specification assures that we develop the appropriate system to serve the intended use.

System design

Based on the Business Requirements Specification we create the System design which is the detailed specification of product.

Development, Implementation

Based on the specifications, we develop the system, so that the pilot phase can start.

Pilot, testing

We use agile methodology. Through sprint cycles we work together to reach the final goal of the system.


Once the system is ready to go live, we provide all the necessary documentation and training material.

Maintenance, supervision

When the product is live, we offer to maintain, supervise and to assure helpdesk services.

Quick Base application development

Being the only Quick Base developing company in Hungary we offer the folllwing services:

  • Database design and implementation
  • App development
  • Maintenance
  • Helpdesk
  • Training
  • Integration with other systems


We are specialized on databases. Should you have a business case where you need IT solution, we can offer consultancy services to study your system "as is" then we propose one "to be". From entry level solution to high end systems we can offer several scaled solutions.

We are open to help in selecting then managing any 3rd party solutions as well as implementing it based on our tools which are Quick Base, PHP or Symphony.

About us

Company profile

DBM Technologies is a company focused on implementations of cloud based database and process automation systems.
The company has been founded in 2018 by a senior SQL and Quick Base developer, and employs 7 people. 6 out of the 7 are developers.
We are using cloud services such as Bitrix 24, Google Apps Scripts, Quick Base and proprietary Symphony systems.
Our mission is serving our clients on implementing these systems by assuring technical competency and consultancy.


DBM Technologies Zrt. has the following profiles:

  • Senior Database Engineer
  • Senior Java developer
  • Senior PHP developer
  • Quick Base specialist
  • Database operator


We are following SCRUM / agile develpment tehcniques. We are starting with a basic requirements specification which is called "user stories".

That document is writen in cooperation with the client. Then we estimate the workload and we give the quote of the work.

Once the project has started we work by so called sprint cycles where we set deliverables for a period usually 2 weeks. The client then tests the result while we are working on the next sprint. Finally when the product is accepted by the client we go live.

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